Yesterday the news that Chester Bennington the lead singer of the band Linkin Park, committed suicide – shocking many fans. And as tragic as his death was it’s sparked a rush of awareness for mental health across social media.

Many people that I know struggle in some way with mental health, for the sake of their privacy I will not use names, but one thing I have noticed is that whether it is a long term battle with depression and anxiety or smaller periods of time of feeling low you don’t really know how seriously low someone can be. And sometimes though we may hate to admit it, it can be extremely difficult to help someone if you don’t understand what it is they are going through.

I have times where I find it difficult to cope with situations, but my brother, dad and step mum also struggle too, and I’m sure many other members of my family have had times or maybe even have had a long term battle with some form of mental health illness, that I don’t even know about.

And though as a society we’ve taken more steps to become accepting of these disorders, there is still not enough awareness and more needs to be done. There are not nearly enough places for young people to go and talk about issues they may be feeling, and too often the attitude of “Oh don’t be so dramatic.” comes into play.

Mental health is not a choice, people do not choose to fight with the demons in their heads, as a society surely we can be better? Surely we can offer help to these people, instead of diminishing their problems to nothing?

If you are in need please do not hesitate to talk to someone, below I have listed some charities that provide aid and information to those who are struggling with their mental health.


Mental Health Foundation



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