Spontaneity is a funny thing, a romantic notion of going where your heart tells you. Today a close friend of mine told me he was terrified of missing opportunities and that he was afraid that if he stuck to a plan in life he would end up missing out on bigger and better things. And to be honest I have to agree.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that there is so much happening in the world outside of our own self made bubbles, so many other people living their own lives, bouncing off of others, and so much beauty in both the natural world around us and the numerous collection of stories each and every person holds.

Though it may seem like a very romanticized and not a very practical idea to live a life of spontaneity, it doesn’t take much to make a snap decision. Some of my most treasured memories are of moments where without thinking I’ve said yes to little somethings – for instance waking up just those couple of hours earlier so that I can watch the sunrise, or instead of hiding from the rain under coats and umbrellas allowing myself to enjoy it, feeling the rain drops hit my face and watching the sky change into a million shades of grey.

I’m not trying to tell you to go out there and change your entire life, instead i’m asking you to stop for one moment and look around. But really look. Look at the world going by, the beauty of it all, and think about those little moments, the little decisions of the day to day. Maybe take that route home that’s a little longer but lets you enjoy the walk, or maybe take you’re headphones out and listen to the noise around you.

Too often we forget about these little moments, the little moments that make us human and show us what life truly can be. So look up from your smart phone, or your laptop screen and look at the world outside the window. There is so much to life, to learn, to see and to hear, and it really doesn’t take much to be aware of it all.


One Reply to “A WORLD AROUND US”

  1. Beautifully said young lady. Too often we allow pre-made habits and plans steal away the opportunity for higher, freeing experiences. Life is for the living 💖

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