I apologise for my lack of posts recently but writers block has held me tightly in its grip the past few weeks. However the slow return of Autumn has remedied this. We all have our favourite seasons or times of year, for many it’s the warmth of summer and the freedom of college that comes with it, but Autumn has always held a special place in my heart.


The icy fingers of winter are slowly starting to take the heat that summer brought, and replace it with chilly days and golden leaves. The vibrant greens of the trees fade into a gorgeous array of oranges and golds, a stark contrast against the graying skys. And with this seasonal change brings a flood of inspiration, and I aim to write many posts in this time.

To start my Autumn series I want to talk about the newness that this time brings, the start of the school year for those of a younger age, some starting sixth form or university. For me I am entering my last year of sixth form, technically my last year of school and today was the first day back, chaotic, loud and stressful is just one way I could sum up the experience of today, but luckily for you all this blog is not for me to share my college woes. Though it was intense and there is a lot of work to be done, it still felt like a clean slate – a chance to improve upon last year and make the most of my experience here.


And this is what makes me love autumn so much, a clean slate, a fresh start, a chance to better myself. You may think this post may be more fitting in the New Year and no doubt i’ll write about that too, but that is a whole different type of newness.

So i’ll leave this post here, with my next few posts I want to incorporate some lifestyle pieces into this blog as well as some posts on photography. But in the mean time enjoy the changing season and the beautiful colours outside the window.



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