Being in my second year of college more and more difficult decisions are piling up as each day comes. Currently I can’t get through one day without the mention of university or the working world – the of course favourite question to be asked “So what is it you really want to do after sixth form?”, and if I am completely honest, I  have absolutely no idea.

There are a few lucky ones who have their lives mapped out, knowing exactly what steps they need to take to get to where they want to be. I have one friend, for instance, who is taking four A Levels (massive kudos to him as I’m struggling with just three), has almost finished his personal statement for early applications at the university of his choice, and wants to go on to become a Doctor.

However for those of us who don’t know what to do with our lives it can feel like we’re just floating through the school days struggling to find the motivation, hoping that some sort of clue or spark of inspiration will hit us. Though at times it can feel like you’re completely lost, there is also something quite freeing about the idea of an unknown future. The possibilities are quite literally endless, daunting but exciting I know.

It’s a big thing to expect someone of the age of 17 to know exactly what it is they want to do with their lives. After all we’ve barely started living yet – who knows what is out there for us.

So the advice that my mum gave me, that I am now passing on to anyone else who is out there stuck without any clue on what to do, is to keep your options open. Work hard and get as many qualifications as you can to open the doors to multiple possibilities. This way you won’t feel confined and limited. Really I guess the only way to know who you want to be and what you want to do is to go out there and experience life. Try some jobs, apprenticeships, if you can afford it then go to uni. Just know that you are not alone, lot’s of us feel lost too.



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