Music is such a huge part of my life, I pretty much constantly have a playlist of my favourite songs playing through out the day. With songs perfect for the bus ride to college, background music whilst I study or the absolute bangers that you listen to with your friends, I felt that this week I wanted to share with you five of the songs that have been the sound of my October.

I wanted to do a bit more of a laidback post this week, so you may notice that my writing is a bit more casual than usual.

  1. Gig faves:

To kick start this twist on the classic monthly favourites is ‘Cops and Robbers’ by The Hoosiers. At the start of this month, the band came to my hometown and with absolute joy I got to see them, amongst the amazing stage presence and up beat atmosphere, they played the whole of their album ‘The Trick to Life’,  with Cops and Robbers being the best (in my opinion) this has been one of the songs on repeat throughout the month bringing with it memories of a great night.

2. The throwback:

One of my best friends is pretty much known for her variety of 2000s RnB in her playlist, and the song ‘Kiss Me Thru The Phone’ by Soulja Boy is definitely one of our shared faves. And it’s safe to say that I have listened to this song a fair bit this month, an odd choice you may think but one that everyone is bound to know and love.

3. Seasonal feels:

Autumn is the perfect time to have those chilled acoustic songs playing, with ‘Portland, Maine’ by Donovan Woods setting the vibe completely. It’s one of those songs that serve well as background music whilst your studying, or the kind of song that can accompany you whilst your walking through the street with all the leaves falling to the floor, putting you in that cosy autumnal mood.

4. Pop tunes:

Sometimes you need those catchy upbeat pop songs to just put you in a good mood, and ‘Wild Ones’ by Sia ft (yes that’s right) Flo Rida, does exactly that. There are many people that hate this kind of music, but you know what there are also those who can appreciate how this song just makes you want to dance, and it has definitely been my feel good song this month.

5. Indie indie:

I’ve saved the best one for last (excuse my cheesy phrase) but my go to genre of music has to be Indie Rock, and so to top this mini playlist, almost, of October faves is “Scapegoat” by Kevin and the Vandals. A not so well known song, but an absolute tune is all I can say that you honestly have to have a bit of a dance to.

So there we have it, my October faves summed up into five songs, if you’ve never heard any of these songs I strongly recommend giving them a listen, and you never know they might become you’re favourite songs too.


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